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What · do · he · know · about · the · buttery · flow?

Petty Intrigues

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Five lousy entries this year; I've been thinking of going Old Yeller on this mug.

Anyway, as per tradition, here, apropos of nothing really, is just a picture of dear Oliver Reed glaring you into the New Year.

I hope all is well where you are.

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/SeriesFinale75/or4.jpg">

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Hola amigos. It's been a while since I've rapped at ya.
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This is only my 45th entry of the year, less than one a week. Maybe 2010 is the year LiveJournal is resurrected from the dead. Or at least mine. Who's to say; it's wide open. Anyway, as per tradition, here, apropos of nothing really, is just a picture of dear Oliver Reed glaring you into the New Year. I hope all is well where you are.
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Wow, I haven't updated this in an age. Like most people, all my silly-photo posting and weekend-recapping seems to have been relegated to Facebook or whatever, and since that was 99% of my LJ, well.

Things are (mostly) good. Hope it's the same where you are.

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This isn't an admission of any recent guilt, nor is it an excuse for any past bad behavior, but I often wonder if "being good" is harder for me than it is for other people.
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I've been alternately busy (shit's goin' koo-koo at work, family drama, Memorial Day Weekend) or lazy (Memorial Day Weekend) but given how much pissing and moaning I did about Bay to Breakers, I thought I should post about it.

Well, for shutting it down basically for three weeks beforehand because of knee soreness, I came close to my initial goal that I'd abandoned. Next year I feel comfortable I'll break it--I just really got going again somewhat recently and the IT band problems I had didn't help. I did get passed by a naked guy in the 6th mile, but what're you gonna do? In the sake of honesty, I finished just over an hour, FWIW. I mean, I made cellphone calls while running, but I think I did my best for right now, and it was a good start considering I was 40 lbs lighter than this time last year.  I'm already signed up for the Stadium to Stadium next month and the Wharf to Wharf down in Santa Cruz in July.


Hot as Satan's left ass-cheek out there. You don't think mid-70s is bad running weather until you live and run in this town.

First mile or so sucked so bad--I was in Corral C  (out of A-E) and the whole beginning I was dodging walkers most of them nude and/or old men and/or unregistered who idiotically or arrogantly jumped in the faster corrals. I felt like I ran 3 miles those first 2 miles what with all the dodging and weaving.

But the atmosphere was awesome. I know B2B gets derided as a Straight Pride parade, or Halloween on a college campus, and I'm sure there was plenty of douchebaggery as the masses of unregistered binge-drinking walkers in the back of the pack came through, but "up front" (relatively-speaking of course--the Ethiopean dude who won could've come close to lapping me but I still finished in the first couple thousand out of 65,000 participants) it was good mostly-clean fun, especially compared to the usual road-race atmosphere of empty sidewalks and lonely park trails. A lot of people lining the course, in a lot of costumes, in a lot of early throes of their buzzes, all cheering as we passed.

The only time I actually heard heckling was as I was going up Hayes Street Hill,  these bro-heims that were lining the course were yelling at the runners: "Jeez, that's a long way up! You guys sure look tired! I don't think you guys are gonna make it!," etc etc., buit even that was just dumb fun. And the Breakers to Bay Salmon were coming down as I was going up, and that was actually a HUGE boost. I had fun the entire time, talking with people, singing along to the bands and DJs that were playing ("Uptown Top Ranking" is surprisingly a good song to run to), blah blah blah

Most inspirational moment was shortly after getting in the park: struggling in the heat and with my knees (IT bands again) after passing the Conservatory, a drunk middle-aged woman on the right side of the road yells at me and the fella next to me, "LOOK OVER THERE, GUYS!!!" and points across the road, where we flip our heads and eyeball two young buck-ass naked women--short, about 19 or so, curvy-- waving at all of us runners passing by.

I ran another mile on that alone; thanks, drunk middle-aged woman.

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I guess I spend too much time on the internet.
While I was off to pick up my bib and t-shirt and all that crap for Bay to Breakers just now, I was riding an escalator down to the Muni platform in the Embarcadero station, when I looked at the woman in front of me, and from the rear view (blonde hair, cuffed jeans), I was able to tell it was ardaliz , who I'd never met before. And it turned out I was right, yikes! She was out with her friend from out-of-town, having just come from Taylor's Automatic Refresher and on their way to Macy's at Westfield ("to spend too much money") and then to Cantina ("to get drunk in the middle of the day").

I apologized to her for must've having had filed away what she looks like from behind in my mental rolodex but what're you gonna do?!?

Anyway, I'm glad that finally happened--I always kinda expected it to.
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Final installment (for now):

I've got about 60 pages in my Photobucket (small fries for many, I know), mostly of personal photos, but plenty of ones I randomly saved because I thought they were cool or funny or just plain interesting (or because I'm a perv--although they're all pretty much SFW). Sometimes--often-- I'm not entirely sure why I saved them. Sometimes I used them for LJ or messageboard posts. I don't know.

They've just been kinda sitting there the last few years, so I thought a la thewalkingman or riotclitshave (whom I no doubt copped some of these from), I'd do a couple good old fashioned 'bucket dumps, maybe include a few personal shots in the spirit of. Not for dial-ups.

Once more, I almost feel like I'm spilling the detritus of my mind, for better or for worse, here...Collapse )

And I'm spent.
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